Live Stream Schedule

Mantic Coins has live streams and educational video content related to coins.

Mantic Coins Treasure Hunt:

Join us for our full on Half Dollar/Quarter CRH stream where we check for known Kennedy Half Dollar and Quarter varieties and send them to you for your donations in addition to any Silver or NIFCs found! All Chat bot games available on 5 minute cool down.

Saturday 5/25: 4:30 PM Central

Saturday 6/01: 4:30 PM Central

Saturday 6/08: 4:30 PM Central

Mantic Auction:

High quality rare coins, errors and varieties for sale auction style at a great price! No Chat bot games are run during the auction.

Sunday 5/26: 3:00 PM Central

Sunday 6/09: 3:00 PM Central

Mantic Monday:

Join us for Half Dollar and Quarter CRH Stream where we look for Silver and NIFCs in Half Dollars and Silver and West Point minted quarters. All Chat bot games available on 5 minute cool down.

Monday 5/20: 9:00 PM Central

Monday 5/27: 9:00 PM Central

Monday 6/03: 9:00 PM Central

Mantic Anonymous:

Join us on Wednesdays when we giveaway 30 Coin Roll Treasure Hunts to the first 30 lucky subscribers. Chat bot is on 30 second cool down and the Mantic Coins wheel is spun every 5 minutes for extra play currency.

Wednesday 5/22: 7:00 PM Central

Wednesday 5/29: 7:00 PM Central

Wednesday 6/05: 7:00 PM Central

Mantic Morning Coins:

On Sundays without an auction, come discuss coins, coin news, and coin community events and possibly join a Google Hangouts panel. Send email to if interested in being on a Sunday morning panel or if you have any topic recommendations.

Sunday 6/02: 9:00 AM Central

Sunday 6/09: 9:00 AM Central

Sunday 6/23: 9:00 AM Central

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