Auction Rules and Agreement

Updated 1/17/2020

The auction is open to all subscribers of the Mantic Coins YouTube channel, 18 years of age or older, that have registered prior to bidding. The auction will be performed by Shay Hoffmaster, owner of Mantic Coins. 

How to Register – Send your full name, channel name, and PayPal email address to to be eligible to bid and so that we may invoice you following the auction. 

You are only required to register one time, contact information necessary to ship your purchased goods will be stored based on our privacy policy and include your name, postal address, PayPal email address, and any additional information you send us during correspondence. Mantic Coins will not sell or share any information received. During the auction you will be referred to as your channel name to preserve anonymity.

Bidding – Bidding is live and done by entering your bid into chat. If your bid is the highest when the lot ends, you win that item!

Bid increments are a minimum of 50c up to $20, a minimum of $1 from $20 through $50, and a minimum of $5 from $50 through $100, then $10 thereafter. Bid increments that are smaller than these amounts will be considered invalid and will not be recognized during the auction.

Bidding will be called down in order to give everyone a chance to bid

Shipping – If you are in the USA, shipping charges for winnings weighing under 1 pound will be $4-$7 depending on location and exact weight. Winnings weighing over 1 pound will be $8. Items too large to fit in a small priority box, will be shipped in a medium box at $14. If you wish to pay for us to add insurance please let us know immediately following the auction via email.

*Important If you are in a foreign country*, before you bid we will be required to first verify your country allows us to send you the items you win. Mantic Coins will determine the shipping charges and correspond with you following the aution. You will be responsible for any charges in addition to price of the item purchased. Please send us a note in advance of the auction with any information you have regarding shipping eligibility of items you wish to bid.

Invoicing/Payment – DO NOT PAY UNTIL you have received the PayPal invoice so that we may determine the correct amount of shipping. Please pay within 48 hours of receiveing the invoice, otherwise, you will not be permitted to bid in future auctions and risk removal from being visible on the channel. If you cannot pay, please do not bid.

Auction Etiquette – Please use the chat feature to ask questions about the items and for bidding. Keep conversation to a minimum to avoid confusion. Entering numbers in the chat with no other communication will be considered bids. Please use Live chat and refresh often in order to stay current with the stream.

Dispute Resolution – Due to the complexity of the Internet, the Mantic Coins view of chat will be used to determine bidding order, this may differ substancially from what the viewer sees in their own chat. Mantic Coins has final say, but will solicit feedback regularly and is eager to please. If there is an issue, speak up, and while the auction proceedings will continue, the dispute will be reviewed at the end of the auction.

Agrement – Participating as a bidder in the auction constitutes agreement to these rules as stated.

Auction rules are subject to change without notice. Check here for updates or changes.

Live Auctions!

Mantic coins will sell coins in various ways, one way is a live video broadcast auction on the Mantic Coins YouTube channel. 

It's easy to participate, please 

Select the following link to the  Mantic Coins YouTube channel. Select the Subscribe button available on that page.

Send an email with your full name, channel name, and PayPal email address to in order to register to bid.

Auction 1/18/2020 Lot Numbers


  • Lot 46 2009 ASE
  • Lot 47 1909 VDB Lincoln 1c - BU Woody
  • Lot 48 Texas - Alamo 1 Troy Oz
  • Lot 49 1864 Two Cent Large Motto RPD-002 Fine
  • Lot 50 2016 Britannia 1 Oz
  • Lot 51 2015 ASE
  • Lot 52 1930 Buffalo 5c - G - FS-101
  • Lot 53 2019 John Wick 1oz
  • Lot 54 1999 Lincoln 1c - Off-Center + Collar Scar
  • Lot 55 Pamp Suisse 1 g Gold bar
  • Lot 56 2012 ASE
  • Lot 57 1913 Barber 10c - PCGS AU55
  • Lot 58 1859 Indian 1c ANACS AU55 Details Corroded
  • Lot 59 1917 Lincoln 1c - AU - Rev Woody
  • Lot 60 2019 Panda 30g
  • Lot 61 1931D Lincoln 1c ANACS MS62 RB Woody
  • Lot 62 1934 Washington 25c - FS-101 - Fine, Med. Motto
  • Lot 63 2015 Barber/Buffalo Rnd 1 Troy oz
  • Lot 64 2019 Taekwando 1 oz
  • Lot 65 1964 Kennedy ANACS PR68
  • Lot 66 1909 Indian 1c MS63 RB
  • Lot 67 2013 ASE
  • Lot 68 1835 Classic Head 1/2 cent VF-30 - Cohen-1
  • Lot 69 Silver Card 1 oz
  • Lot 70 1918S Buffalo 5c - VG - 2 feather
  • Lot 71 Englehard 1 Troy Oz
  • Lot 72 GoldenState 2 Troy Oz.
  • Lot 73 2014 ASE
  • Lot 74 1903 O Barber 10c XF Details
  • Lot 75 National Bar 1 Oz
  • Lot 76 1917 Standing Liberty 25c Type I XF-45
  • Lot 77 2019 Dragon Bar 1 oz
  • Lot 78 2011 ASE
  • Lot 79 1832 Classic Head 1/2 cent XF - Cohen 3
  • Lot 80 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars 90% Silver Junk
  • Lot 81 1835 Capped Bust 1/2 10c XF Valentine 7a - Cleaned
  • Lot 82 Molon Labe 2 Troy oz
  • Lot 83 Engelhard bar 1 Oz 
  • Lot 84 2018 ASE